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We provide cloud-based Access Control as well as Time and Attendance solutions which rely on fingerprint or facial recognition. Track your employees' attendance against configurable work rules and integrate directly into your payroll provider.

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Biometric Attendance Tracking for Manufacturing

Beyond Attendance fulfills multiple requirements within a single platform for the Manufacturing industry.

The Time and Attendance function streamlines and automates payrolls while eliminating potential human error.

Access to any number of designated areas on your business premises can be tightly controlled and restricted with our biometric system in conjunction with turnstiles by using facial and fingerprint recognition to deny access or to release the turnstiles and allow entry.

Highly customisable work rules and patterns ensure that even the most complex working environments are catered for.

Our automated reporting also enables line managers to receive daily reports on their employees' attendance allowing for rapid adjustments and responses in the event of unforeseen staff absenteeism.

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Competitive Pricing

Our product has a scaled pricing model which allows you to choose the Time and Attendance tracking package that best suits your needs and offers maximum value for money. The system is a month to month contract so you are not locked in by fixed terms and your monthly bill will depend on the number of employees on the system.


Multiple Biometric Options

You will receive full support for a wide range of biometric devices. Available options include fingerprint and facial recognition, blood vessel mapping and thermal temperature detection. Additional options for smaller teams include USB based units that can simply be linked directly into a POS system through which staff can then effectively be scanned in or out.


Access Control

Movement within shops or factories to specific areas such as restrooms and change rooms or any other designated area can be tightly controlled and restricted using our biometric system in conjunction with turnstiles and magnetic door locks. Facial and fingerprint recognition reliably and securely denies access to unauthorised personnel or releases the turnstile or magnetic door and allows entry to permitted employees.


Configurable Shift Rules

Work rules such as automatic deduction of lunch and tea breaks, removal of duplicated scans and automated rounding of start and end times, can be customized to suit each company uniquely. Using Machine Learning Technology, our system's smart design will automatically detect and assign shifts based on employees' start and end times.


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